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A shaving brush, also known as shave brush, is a small brush with a handle parallel to the bristles used to apply shaving cream or shaing soap to the face in preparation for shaving. The bristle load may be made of natural or synthtic materials.

Despite a 50 year lag in shaving brush use, many people are returning to the shaving brush for its many benefits, such as providing a close, comfortable and enjoyable shave! The more water a brush holds, the moister and richer a lather will be. Thicker and more emollient lather translates to less razor skipping and dragging. Perhaps the greatest benefit from shave brush use is its tendency to soften and lift facial hair before a shave.

Therefore, a razor does not need to be pressed to the skin in order to provide a close shave. For this reason, straight razors, such as Merkur Razors, are most often used with a shaving brush, as the necessity for more than a single blade is effectively waived.

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